A house by the sea

Agapanthus bugs“So fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea.”
Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse Hydrangeas Our gorgeous little holiday cottage, nestled amongst the coastal path, and only a few minutes walk from a secret cove. It really was the perfect place to escape to for a week. The best part was the views, from almost every window in the house, of the sea.
Foxgloves and ferns
Fern Kernyk gate Footpath gate Hedgerow Rinsey mine Steps to the beach Rinsey beach Rinsey Beach Cliffs Cliff top stile Cottages Rinsey Tin mine Rinsey coastRinsey sunset Field sunset

29 / 52 and 30 / 52

Mia in the maze Joe and sheep Mia in Mousehole Joe at Porthmeor Mia Cadgwith rocks Mia battleships Joe hugs Mia at Slice of Cornwall Coastal path Rinsey A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2015
Catching up again this week, with some portraits from our recent trip to Cornwall. The light there is so perfect, it makes me wish I lived nearer the coast. Although, where we stayed on the Lizard, there was absolutely no wifi, or phone signal, or nearby shop/takeaway/town…but Cornwall we love you!
Mia: in the maze at Glendurgan…we found the middle, but it took some time!
Joseph: and a sheep at the Roskilly farm
Mia: Mousehole harbour…I have clear memories of being her age and sitting on these rocks with my granparents
Joseph: a cool windy afternoon making sandcastles in St Ives
Mia: climbing rocks at Cadgwith
Mia: an early morning game of battleships
Joseph: with his daddy at Kynance Cove…he loves the water, but is afraid to stand in it, as it is ‘too cold’…I’m with you on that one Joe!
Mia: we found the new Slice of Cornwall cafe, much excitement about finding the pink cake, after our lovely visit to Trevoole last year
Mia: the gorgeous coastal path, ran right past our cottage…Mia saw mermaids and dolphins, and mermaids riding on dolphins*
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27 / 52 and 28 / 52

Phoebe tattoo Joe's cherries Cherry hands Joe's tonguePoddingA portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2015
Catching up this week, as last week’s portraits were missed…
Mia: A demonstration of love for her new baby cousin Phoebe. She has ‘tattooed’ her name in permanent sharpie
Joseph: cherry picking…he ate them off the trees, off the ground, out of other people’s baskets, with and without stones, there was no stopping him. Luckily the lady at the farm was very understanding when we came to leave, and politely said nothing about our little cherry-colour toddler
Mia: has leaned to eat cherries with a impressive degree of subtlety, only her finger-tips gave her away
Joseph: enjoying the playground at the farm park
Mia: concentrated on podding
Joining in with Jodi, and many other lovely bloggers, over at Practising Simplicity for the 52 project.

Moon Songs: Giffords Circus

moon songsThere has been a bit of pause here recently…life got crazily busy and then I got sick…funny how often those two things go together! Anyway, I am on the way to total better-ness, and have so many lovely (and at the moment half-written) posts to share with you.
A few weekends ago, we visited the wonderful Giffords Circus, for this year’s show, Moon Songs. Giffords is always one of the highlights of summer, and even on an overcast Sunday morning, University Parks in Oxford made a great location. I love how when you step inside the circus tent, and sit in the darkness, surround by twinkly lights and excited chatter, it really doesn’t matter what is going on outside!



Giffords sign Mia Giffords tea tent

tea and the BEST chocolate browniesGiffords wagons Giffords artworklove the colours and decorationMia watching Giffords
Mia was so excited about the second half of the performance that she stood up for most of it. I think she really wanted one of the ushers feathery hats!bear at giffordsyep, that’s a bear on a horseGiffords flags Lollipop


A second birthday

Joe's cardOn Wednesday, Joseph, my littlest turned two. Goodness knows how two whole years have passed since he first arrived. He made quite an entrance into our little family two summers ago; arriving with a bang (metaphorically!), and introducing a whole new level of crazy. Joe is wild, yet clear-minded, uncompromising and incredibly kind. Like his sister, his strength of character often surprises me. It fascinates me how much I can learn from him…predictably in terms of patience, but also tolerance, bravery and determination. With each child, you try to share their perspective, and in doing so shift your own view of the world slightly. Perhaps I over-think things, or articulate myself clumsily, so will end my birthday-related ramble there! Happy birthday little Joe, may your next year be just as happy as your last!Birthday morningJoe's birthday cakeP.S…yes, he did spend most of the day nearly naked…mid heatwave, it was over 20 degrees at six in the morning. Plus, we could just dip him in the paddling pool after he got covered in birthday cake! x